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If the worst happens have peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure 24/7.

Combine both on premise and cloud data backups to ensure you are covered for every eventuality. On-site give you quick access to restore files and systems, whilst cloud backups ensure you have a remote copy should the worst happen.

Trade Counter Cloud Software Data Backup

Our Data Backup features include:

Automatic Backups

No need to manually run data backup, this is all managed for you and happens in the background. Our support staff also monitor your backups and are instantly alerted should something stop your backup from running successfully.

Multiple Copies of Your Data

With 60 days retention there is always more than one copy of your files, should some become corrupt or require restoring to and earlier point in time. You and our support team have access to your data backup dashboard to monitors your backups and restore files at the click of a button.

Unlimited Storage

Cloud backed will grow as you grow, meaning you will never run out of space. The backup dashboard enables you to view your current status of each file you have backup up.

Monitored Backups

All servers and client PC’s are monitored and send us an instant alert if something goes wrong. From the backup dashboard you and our support start can get an overview of your backups, right down to file level.

Complete IT Security

With new threats trying to compromise your business and it’s data every day its more important than ever to run the latest anti virus products.