Stock Control Software for your Trade Counter

New features have been added to our stock control system, to increase the efficiency of the entire process. From the moment a sales order has been placed, the system guides you through the process until the customer can come and collect their order. This stock control software can be used across multiple devices and a control centre. You can manage the tasks given to the tablets from the control centre which can be installed on an office PC, or a tablet if you would like to do all of the tasks from one device.

Our stock control software handles your:

  • Purchase and sales orders – The ability to create the purchase orders and the sales orders directly from the tablet devices.
  • Sales order picking – Mark sales orders as priority picking and assign to devices. The device will show what needs picking from each bin location, from multiple orders, to avoid going back to locations.
  • Stock taking – Create stock takes to be completed immediately or schedule them for a later date. Stock takes can be randomly generated or include specified products, current stock figures can also be shown or hidden dependant on preference.
  • Location replenishment – Send stock replenishment requests between devices, with an in-transit mode available, you will be able to monitor exactly where your stock is.
  • Goods receipts – Match the goods receipt against the original purchase order before signing the order off.
  • Stock adjustments – Log inward and outward stock adjustments which can be monitored. Add comments to the adjustments to give further detail.
  • Stock reordering – Using minimum and maximum stock levels, the system will generate suggested purchase orders to prevent you from running out of stock.

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Providing Sage Solutions

Integrated Sage Solution

As a sub brand of Stevens Business Systems, Trade Simple, are fully accredited to provide you with Sage solutions.

By integrating your EPOS software directly with Sage accounts, you are removing the need to manually input your data. Without the integration, a lot of administration is required inputting your EPOS totals and stock totals into Sage. The integration, however, means that these figures are transferred over automatically.

As well as sales figures, customer accounts, stock levels, suppliers and pricing will also be automatically polled across from the EPOS software into Sage. Changes made in Sage will also be updated on the EPOS software at regular intervals.

Sage is fully compliant with Making Tax Digital, a change the Government are enforcing from the 1st of April 2019. Making Tax Digital will mean that all companies with a taxable turn over above the VAT threshold are required to digitally submit their VAT return from their accounts software.

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Trade Accounts Software Solution

Trade Accounts Software Solution

If you are looking for an alternative from linking to an external accounts package, our accounts software solution will house all of your financial data.

Raising customer invoices, creating purchase orders and processing stock movements are just some of the features included in our trade counter accounts software.

Other features include:

  • Full EPOS software integration
  • Central reporting
  • Stock control
  • Customer credit control

Customer accounts created and stored in the accounts software will be sent down to the till, along with their credit limit and account balance. Then once a sale has been done against one of these accounts, this Information will be transferred back to show against that account in the accounts software.

Stock sold on the till will also be transferred into the accounts package and will adjust the relevant stock records so they show the correct quantity. Stock that is added or modified in our accounts software will also be pushed down to the till, so that if there have been any big changes, these will be reflected.

Our trade counter accounts software can be used as a stand alone accounts package or can be used in conjunction with your existing accounts package. These include; Sage 50, Sage 200, Pegasus Opera, Exchequer and Access Dimensions.

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Upgrade your Trade Counter Software

Upgrade your Trade Counter Software

The speed that technology is developing by can be scary and overwhelming but it is important for you to make the most of what technology has to offer. Our trade counter software will not only provide you with a place to process transactions but also give you a complete solution to handle your customers, invoicing and stock.

Features include:
  • Integrate with your accounts software – Our trade counter software solution can integrate directly with market leading accounts packages. A direct integration with your EPOS software will mean that all sales figures will appear in your accounts package automatically. This therefore saves someone from having to do this manually, which also reduces the chance of any mistakes.
  • Consolidate your reporting – Reporting is a key factor in running a trade counter. You need to be able to rely on reports to provide you with accurate figures for both your stock and sales. Our trade counter software will provide you with detailed reports across the till software, your stock and any other forms of payment.
  • Flexible pricing – With the need to provide trade and retail prices as well as specific agreed prices with individual customers it is important that the till can store this information and apply the correct prices when necessary.
  • Suggested Ordering – You can rely on the system to make sure that you never run too low on stock. The ordering module will calculate suggested purchase order quantities, based on minimum and maximum stock figures, to ensure that you never run out of stock. This is a crucial feature in a busy trade counter environment.
  • Automatic Invoicing – Save yourself time from having to generate and send invoices to your account customers. Once the sale has been processed, on the trade counter software, the system will automatically email a full VAT invoice directly to the customer’s preferred email address. A delivery note can also be set to print out automatically, after each sale, to save this from having to be printed at a later point.

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Card Payments

trade payments
Fully Integrated Solution

By integrating a card terminal with your trade counter software, your manual entry is removed therefore improving accuracy and increasing the speed of each transaction.

Remove Reconciliation issues

All of the reporting is done from the trade counter software, therefore meaning that you will no longer have to run any reports from the card terminal.

Contactless Payments

Your card terminal will have contactless setup as standard to make sure that you never miss a transaction.

Range Of Terminals

Bluetooth, wireless or wired card terminals are available for you depending on your Trade Counter setup.

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Exchequer Integration Overview

Exchequer Integration
Exchequer integration is fully supported with our Trade Counter Software.

Features Include:

  • Our Trade Counter Software integration with Exchequer supports data exchange of; customers, price lists, supplies, stock levels, stock categories and discount structures.
  • Customer Accounts – Customer accounts stored in Exchequer, are completely synchronised with the till software. This means that customers will be able to charge their order to their account as well as have the ability to enquire and check their account balance. If the credit limit has been reached and the account has been placed on hold, this will notify the till user that transactions will no longer be charged to their account.
  • Stock Quantities – Stock quantities will be visible to till users to enable them to check stock quantities across multiple locations and branches. This will therefore give staff the knowledge to never over promise on orders.
  • Sales Orders – Customer sales orders can be raised directly through the Trade Counter Software, which can then be made available within Exchequer. Once in Exchequer, the order is then ready to be picked and invoiced at a later date.

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Postcode Lookup

Postcode Lookup
Reduce your administration with our postcode lookup feature.

When entering your customers delivery address into the system at the point of sale, with postcode lookup you simply need to enter the postcode and the address fields will be populated. As the address is populated automatically, the amount of time spent on each transaction is reduced. Accuracy is also increased as there is no chance of human error.

This information is then saved and stored in your accounts software against the invoice. After the address has been populated, the invoice is then sent directly to the customer using their preferred email address. A delivery note can also be set to print once the sale has been completed.

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Pegasus Opera Integration Overview

Pegasus Opera Integration

Our Trade Counter Software supports full integration with Pegasus Opera 2 & 3.

Features include:
  • Customer Specific Price Lists – Individual customer price lists set within Pegasus Opera will be automatically applied at the trade counter software. This therefore ensures that your customers will always receive their agreed pricing.
  • Customer Accounts – Customer accounts created within Pegasus Opera are completely synchronised with the trade counter software. Thus meaning that transactions can be charged directly to the account from the till. Account balances and credit terms are also visible from the epos software.
  • Stock Data Transfer – The integration supports the transfer of products and stock levels between the trade counter software and Pegasus Opera. This therefore means that when a product is sold you will not have to re-enter this information back into Pegasus Opera, removing the need to enter these figures manually.
  • Sales Orders – Raise sales orders from the trade counter software including the option to take the customer’s delivery address. These sales orders are then consequently sent back into Pegasus Opera against the relevant customer.

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Online Store Features

Online Store Features
  • Customer Accounts –  The customers from your accounts package will be completely synchronised with your online store. This will therefore mean that customers can keep their agreed pricing even online.
  • Single Stock System –  Your existing stock will be synchronised with your online store so you do not have to re-enter this information twice. This hence will save a huge amount of administration time.
  • Multi Currency – Give your Trade Counter the ability to trade worldwide with the option to take multi currency. The exchange rate is supported as standard.
  • Accounts Integration – A full integration between your accounts package and online store will mean that sales orders are automatically transferred into your accounts package. This will remove the need to re-enter this information twice.

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Access Dimensions Integration Overview

Access Dimensions Integration
Why integrate with Access Dimensions?

We have outlined just some of the benefits of integrating our Trade Counter Software with Access Dimensions accounts.

  • Complete visibility – The integration provides complete visibility of customers, price lists, their account balance and stock.
  • Reduce risk of human error – As the data is automatically polled into Access Dimensions you can be sure that the figures are completely accurate.
  • Accounts synchronisation – Customer accounts are completely accessible from the POS. This allows the till users to be able to see up to date account balances as well as if there have been any changes.
  • Reduced administration – The figures will transfer automatically from the EPOS software into Access Dimensions. This will therefore save someone from having to input these figures manually.

If you want to discuss more features and benefits of our Trade Counter Software you can contact a member of our team here.