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Integrate your Trade Counter Software with Exchequer.

  • Reduced business administration
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Support of customer price lists
  • Reduce risk of human error
  • Two-way integration
Exchequer Accounts Integration

Advanced Exchequer Integration

This seamless integration supports data exchange of; customers, price lists, suppliers, stock levels and stock categories.

Customer Accounts

Customer accounts are fully transferred to the till software. This therefore means that customers are able to charge the invoice to their account on the till. Customer credit limits and terms are also visible on the till software.

Multi Stock Location

All stock locations are visible from the till software, thus giving operators the ability to check the current stock across the locations.

Sales Order Creation

Raise a sales order directly through the till software, the system supports delivery address capture. This sales order is then sent to Exchequer where it is available for picking and invoicing.

Stock Management

Perform a variety of tasks from multiple devices across multiple sites and locations. A seamless integration will mean that all stock and warehouse information is synchronised throughout your business. Stock reports generated within Exchequer use real-time data so stock figures are fully accurate.

Smart Stock