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Integrate your Trade Counter Software with Access Dimensions.

  • Complete two-way integration
  • Transfer financial information
  • Synchronise account customers
  • Remove double entry
  • Reduce risk of human error
Access Accounts Integration

Access Dimensions Integration

The integration supports data exchange of customers, price lists, account balances, products and stock levels. By integrating with your Trade Counter Software, business administration will be dramatically reduced.

Automatic Data Transfer

Financial figures from your trading day will transfer automatically into Access Dimensions. This will therefore save these from having to be entered manually.

Customer Accounts Synchronisation

Customer accounts are completely synchronised and therefore accessible on the POS. So the changes made to the accounts are reflected on the till.

Pricing Information

Customer pricing is kept consistent across all payment platforms as the agreed specific pricing is picked up on the till.

Perform a variety of tasks from multiple devices across multiple sites and locations. A seamless integration will mean that all stock and warehouse information is synchronised throughout your business. Stock reports generated within Access Dimensions use real-time data so stock figures are fully accurate.

Smart Stock