Stock Control Software for your Trade Counter

New features have been added to our stock control system, to increase the efficiency of the entire process. From the moment a sales order has been placed, the system guides you through the process until the customer can come and collect their order. This stock control software can be used across multiple devices and a control centre. You can manage the tasks given to the tablets from the control centre which can be installed on an office PC, or a tablet if you would like to do all of the tasks from one device.

Our stock control software handles your:

  • Purchase and sales orders – The ability to create the purchase orders and the sales orders directly from the tablet devices.
  • Sales order picking – Mark sales orders as priority picking and assign to devices. The device will show what needs picking from each bin location, from multiple orders, to avoid going back to locations.
  • Stock taking – Create stock takes to be completed immediately or schedule them for a later date. Stock takes can be randomly generated or include specified products, current stock figures can also be shown or hidden dependant on preference.
  • Location replenishment – Send stock replenishment requests between devices, with an in-transit mode available, you will be able to monitor exactly where your stock is.
  • Goods receipts – Match the goods receipt against the original purchase order before signing the order off.
  • Stock adjustments – Log inward and outward stock adjustments which can be monitored. Add comments to the adjustments to give further detail.
  • Stock reordering – Using minimum and maximum stock levels, the system will generate suggested purchase orders to prevent you from running out of stock.

Find out more about the software solutions we can provide your Trade Counter here or contact us here.

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