Upgrade your Trade Counter Software

Upgrade your Trade Counter Software

The speed that technology is developing by can be scary and overwhelming but it is important for you to make the most of what technology has to offer. Our trade counter software will not only provide you with a place to process transactions but also give you a complete solution to handle your customers, invoicing and stock.

Features include:
  • Integrate with your accounts software – Our trade counter software solution can integrate directly with market leading accounts packages. A direct integration with your EPOS software will mean that all sales figures will appear in your accounts package automatically. This therefore saves someone from having to do this manually, which also reduces the chance of any mistakes.
  • Consolidate your reporting – Reporting is a key factor in running a trade counter. You need to be able to rely on reports to provide you with accurate figures for both your stock and sales. Our trade counter software will provide you with detailed reports across the till software, your stock and any other forms of payment.
  • Flexible pricing – With the need to provide trade and retail prices as well as specific agreed prices with individual customers it is important that the till can store this information and apply the correct prices when necessary.
  • Suggested Ordering – You can rely on the system to make sure that you never run too low on stock. The ordering module will calculate suggested purchase order quantities, based on minimum and maximum stock figures, to ensure that you never run out of stock. This is a crucial feature in a busy trade counter environment.
  • Automatic Invoicing – Save yourself time from having to generate and send invoices to your account customers. Once the sale has been processed, on the trade counter software, the system will automatically email a full VAT invoice directly to the customer’s preferred email address. A delivery note can also be set to print out automatically, after each sale, to save this from having to be printed at a later point.

If you feel that you could benefit from the above features please get in touch by ringing 02380083112 or send us an email at contact@trade-simple.co.uk

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