Exchequer Integration Overview

Exchequer Integration
Exchequer integration is fully supported with our Trade Counter Software.

Features Include:

  • Our Trade Counter Software integration with Exchequer supports data exchange of; customers, price lists, supplies, stock levels, stock categories and discount structures.
  • Customer Accounts – Customer accounts stored in Exchequer, are completely synchronised with the till software. This means that customers will be able to charge their order to their account as well as have the ability to enquire and check their account balance. If the credit limit has been reached and the account has been placed on hold, this will notify the till user that transactions will no longer be charged to their account.
  • Stock Quantities – Stock quantities will be visible to till users to enable them to check stock quantities across multiple locations and branches. This will therefore give staff the knowledge to never over promise on orders.
  • Sales Orders – Customer sales orders can be raised directly through the Trade Counter Software, which can then be made available within Exchequer. Once in Exchequer, the order is then ready to be picked and invoiced at a later date.

Find out more about our integrated Trade Counter Software here.

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