Pegasus Opera Integration Overview

Pegasus Opera Integration

Our Trade Counter Software supports full integration with Pegasus Opera 2 & 3.

Features include:
  • Customer Specific Price Lists – Individual customer price lists set within Pegasus Opera will be automatically applied at the trade counter software. This therefore ensures that your customers will always receive their agreed pricing.
  • Customer Accounts – Customer accounts created within Pegasus Opera are completely synchronised with the trade counter software. Thus meaning that transactions can be charged directly to the account from the till. Account balances and credit terms are also visible from the epos software.
  • Stock Data Transfer – The integration supports the transfer of products and stock levels between the trade counter software and Pegasus Opera. This therefore means that when a product is sold you will not have to re-enter this information back into Pegasus Opera, removing the need to enter these figures manually.
  • Sales Orders – Raise sales orders from the trade counter software including the option to take the customer’s delivery address. These sales orders are then consequently sent back into Pegasus Opera against the relevant customer.

Find out more about our integration here.

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