Access Dimensions Integration Overview

Access Dimensions Integration
Why integrate with Access Dimensions?

We have outlined just some of the benefits of integrating our Trade Counter Software with Access Dimensions accounts.

  • Complete visibility – The integration provides complete visibility of customers, price lists, their account balance and stock.
  • Reduce risk of human error – As the data is automatically polled into Access Dimensions you can be sure that the figures are completely accurate.
  • Accounts synchronisation – Customer accounts are completely accessible from the POS. This allows the till users to be able to see up to date account balances as well as if there have been any changes.
  • Reduced administration – The figures will transfer automatically from the EPOS software into Access Dimensions. This will therefore save someone from having to input these figures manually.

If you want to discuss more features and benefits of our Trade Counter Software you can contact a member of our team here.

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